Math learner is an App made for 4-8 years old children to learn basic math trought a fun gameplay. Children can learn how to count, write numbers and see their progress in the game.


Education App


Visual Design and User Experience

Role: UI/UX Design

Focus on user inteview, competitors analysis, wireframes, user flows and visual design. On this project I've worked with Product Managers, Designers and Developers.

Parents and Children Interview

We did some interviews sessions with children and their parents to understand specifc details that could help us on the development of a Math Game for children. 

In these interviews we had two groups, the first one did some questions for the parents and the second one, that was my group, were trying to understand what kind of gameplay and content they like in games.


Interviews results

Most important information that I've collected in these interviews:

Parents decide which app or game they will download for their children
Parents have the first contact with the app or game before their children
Most of games that children are engaged has a simple 2D style
Usually children love games with Animals, Pets or Fantasy Characters
Children love to customize their characters with different skins

Similar Analysis

After the interviews, I started to play some similar games and learning apps for children to get references from Onboarding, Paywall, Gameplay and Visual Styles. I wrote some Plus/Delta points for each app, that helped us to take some decisions about flow and features on the game. You can see some of my deliverables bellow:


We took some notes about many references from Sago Mini, LingoKids and also from other learning apps for adults like Duolingo, which has great progression flow. Playing some games and using some apps we also took some notes about what was needed to avoid through some bad experiences that we had in specific cases.


I designed wireframes for the main screen and for some secondary screens. Our main objective was to design an efective Main Screen using less text, having in mind that many players aren't able to read yet. For this reason we designed versions using a low cognictive load, with icons and a good hierarchy on the elements.


Visual Design

Following some insights from the interviews, we decided to create a galaxy theme, it works for both boys and girls. I designed this character with the astronaut style and the main concept is that our charater travel with students to different planets to learn math in different difficulty levels.


These are our different planets avaible for the players. For players that are still learning how to write numbers and how to count, we have the Earth Planet and the Moon. For those players that already know math, we allocate them in a specific planet, according with the result of our onboarding math test.

Parents Onboarding

Usually, parents download apps for their children, for this reason our setup and paywall are directed to the parents, where they need to select the grade, learn more about the app and subscribe with a free trial period.


Child Onboarding

According with the grade selected previously, after the paywall our app is completely directed for the player, where we start with a very simple main screen, learning how to write on the white box for answers. This is the session where we test player's knowledge with some math questions.


First Planet

After the onboarding test, player gets a reward and is directed to a specific planet where he has the path of progress. When player arrives in planet, he will learn math with different kind of activities as you can see in these pages below:


Victory and Progress

After finish the level layers collects its starts as reward, and after that they can go to the next level. CHeck below how the progress works in a specifc planet:


Vitor Canuto, User Interface Designer. Email: