Gomarkety is a startup where companies and marketing teams may subscribe a plan and request custom design on demand. This project was the first MPV of the company, including Website and a Dashboard for subscribers.

UI/UX Designer

Focus on the user flow and UI. Working with PM and Developers.

MVP Site Map and Navigation Flow

I've created this Site Map and Flow to help the team to understand the size of this MVP and the effort need to validate this Startup idea. It was very helpful to visualize, add and remove specific contents for the first version of the product.



I've worked on the User Interface Design, Style Guide and GoMarkety Brand. This website was designed with the Bootstrap Development Framework in mind, so using design patterns from the framework we skipped the wireframe, which made us moving fast to create the main navigation flow and start testing user acquisition.


Screens and Implementation

I've designed all screens available in this project and worked close with developers to implement the visual design. This entire project was designed from the scratch and published within one month and a half. 



I designed some illustrations for the website that you can check below:


Subscription Steps

When user clicks in "Try for Free" button, I've designed a page like a checkout where he needs to create a new account following the steps to access the dashboard and start to request custom designs.


With three small steps, users need to insert Account information, Payment method and Billing information.


Vitor Canuto, User Interface Designer. Email: